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Cami Covey-Doucet

Owner, Life Coach & Consultant


I spent 10 years working in the field of psychotherapy, specializing is trauma and sexual addiction.  I sat with hundreds of clients over the years who came for my ‘professional help,’ but what I realized is that I am no one’s oracle or guru. My education comprised of the best textbook information and I am sure much was assimilated and used, however, it was inferior to my life experiences and my own intuition which is what provided the most healing. With this realization in mind, I have moved towards a mindset that fits me better; life-coaching.


We have a saying in our field that you can’t take clients where you haven’t been, and they will only follow if you know the territory.  The territory of the butterfly is not easy and it’s not all beautiful and patterned.  It is riddled with learning and difficulties, but at the end of it all, there is a beauty and there is peace.  Come along, the flight is amazing and the scenery is unbelievable.  Spread your wings and fly!

Certifications: Certified Life Coach / Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology / Master’s Degree in Counseling / 10 Years as Psychotherapist / 7 Years as a Founder and Business Owner of Family Fusion

"I help clients find what keeps them small, removing limiting beliefs and help catapult them into their highest potential."


Are you ready to transform your life?