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Dana Diller



As a 20-something I had a strong pull to help humans who had found themselves in hopeless places.  I was a witness to real suffering. While I had the compassion and love to want to lend a hand, I did not have the foundational knowledge, experience or resources.  I used to dream of a place of refuge for the oppressed, the hurting, the scared, where real healing and growth could occur. It was my dream state.

In the interim 25 years, the priority for me was to be molded by the experiences of my life and to find my own emotional healing and truth.  I had to face shame and false messages that I was unknowingly carrying around, but that shaped my thoughts, actions and reactions. Through coaching, community and creative expression, I was able to rewrite the script and rewire the brain and thought patterns. Truth had a pathway to my heart and soul as cages and walls were burned and destroyed. Light pushed out darkness with an opportunity for deep relationship and connection.


This internal work was not easy but it was so worth it!   And now I have the opportunity to offer to others what has been so generously poured into me.  This is the unfolding of the tapestry, the dream space, and this is just the beginning.

In my business career, I have the opportunity to work for a corporation who is doing something extremely important for this earth experience – saving the environment. There is also a focus on diversity and inclusion. Serving as a corporate leader, I can do my part to reshape corporate culture through unraveling biases and reshaping thought patterns. I have the privilege to coach and serve those I have been asked to lead in their work-life and human experiences.


My ultimate purpose and privilege is to work in support of other humans who need the support of Family Fusion and Fusion You to heal and grow through education, creative expression and the love and support of a coach and a community.

Education and Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Finance); Master’s Degree in Accounting; Certified Public Accountant (1992-1998);  25 years in Energy industry (power plant development, M&A, and product sales) currently serving as SVP Global Business Development (Americas) for First Solar.

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