Izzi Byrd

Art Coach


Izzi Byrd (Iz Wyrd) is a Creativity Alchemist & Medicine Woman spinning & weaving a tapestry of many colors. Iz brings a special magic into the ceremonial mix sharing gifts of Art, Sound Healing, Plant Medicine, Yoga, Astrology & Kitchen Witchery. 

With a lifetime of trained & exploratory artistic & musical experience, Izzi skillfully blends her passion for various styles of creativity with nearly a decade of practice & instruction in holistic healing modalities. With a background rooted in Psychology & Social Services, Izzi supports others in fostering a connection with oneself by creating a Sacred Space for Universal energies to flow. Together, through identifying the soul’s evolutionary intentions, inspiring cathartic creative artistic expression, operating with mindful movement & crafting conscious breath we’ll dive deep into untapped creative potential! 

Izzi is a Mother to humans, chickens, a bearded dragon, a little dog & a wild backyard cat. She enjoys gardening, singing, cooking & hiking. She teaches yoga, maintains a private sound healing practice & leads others in discovering their own unique creative medicine. 

Tapping into the abundance of our own Inner Wisdom & Knowing is one of Izzi’s most curious passions & she invokes this wonder in her offerings. She invites you to say yes to doing the inner work required to let go & heal…& to allow yourself to get weird! Indulge yourself in exquisite self love & care! Take time to fill up your creative tank & express your unique message! Let’s apply a healing salve to our wounds, widen our circles & grow together! xo

Certifications: Certified Western Herbalist with an emphasis in Holistic Nutrition, Registered Yoga Teacher, BA in Psychology

"Say yes to doing the inner work required to let go & heal…& to allow yourself to get weird! Indulge yourself in exquisite self love & care!"

-Izzi Byrd

Here are a few ideas of what we can explore:

Art Journaling

Altered Books

Broken Bowl Project

Doodle Diary

Vision Boards

Mask Making

Drawing and Painting

Affirmation Wearables

Digital Collage

Mixed Media

Creative Blockbusting

Watercolor Painting

Inspirational Artworks

Heart Mapping

Medium Exploration

Guided Painting

Tooled Foil



Fabric & Textile Arts

Print Making

Other Possible Art Workshops

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