Karissa Ray

Office Manager


When clients arrive at the office, it is my job to make them feel comfortable and welcomed.  I have always loved people and I am a champion of the individual. My personal belief is that if individuals are strong, families and communities will be strong. My personal background of healing is based in yoga and yoga teaching.  It was on my mat and through teaching yoga that I was able to curate my true individual self and I strive to always carry that with me and inspire the development of self in others.


The first time I came to Family Fusion, I walked into an inviting and safe space. The feeling of the space was welcoming and comfortable, and as I have worked here that is the atmosphere I have tried to cultivate. In yoga I was taught that the word bhavana means “the spirit of something” or the “feeling of a place or thing.” Family Fusion has its own bhavana and this is personal for each client. I invite you to discover what the bhavana of Family Fusion is and how it fits into your life.


Being a part of the Family Fusion family has given me the opportunity to work with other individuals who also care about strengthening the individual to produce a fusion among families and communities. We value you and are grateful that you have chosen to see what Family Fusion is about.  I invite you to come in and meet with one of our amazing team members. Each one of them is passionate about helping you achieve the life you desire and deserve. No challenge is too great or too small, and it would be our pleasure to work with you.


Certifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology / Extensive Training for Yoga Teacher Certification

"My personal belief is that if individuals are strong, families and communities will be strong."


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