Michelle Robinson

Life Coach


I am a Transformational Life Coach for women ready to live an authentic, aligned, and on purpose life.  Are you wanting to find fulfillment in your daily life, to turn your dreams into reality, to rediscover who you are, to become a better version of yourself?  Have you tried to do this and found yourself feeling frustrated and discouraged?  I know what it feels like to see exactly where you want to be in life and not know how to get there.  In 2015, my life took an unexpected turn. I lost my best friend to suicide, I realized I was not the mom I wanted to be, and my life was being controlled by anxiety. When I hit this rock-bottom, I realized I could not continue living this way.  It wasn’t until I made a conscious effort each day to focus on my breathing, do exercises to break my negative thinking patterns, and meditate that I realized that I had the power to heal myself.

I am here to show you that there is hope and that you can heal from whatever challenges you have been through.  I will help you discover how to live in abundance and not scarcity.  This is made possible through mindfulness and meditative practices as well as retraining the brain to think in more productive and positive ways.  You already have all you that need inside of you.  I am here to help you see your life through a different lens and open your mind and heart to the limitless possibilities available to you.  Listen to your heart, you are meant to live the life you desire! Schedule a session with me today and let’s begin your transformation.

Certifications: Certified Life Coach

"I know what it feels like to see exactly where you want to be in life and not know how to get there."


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