Michelle Robinson

Meditative Healer


You make sense! There is nothing broken about you. At your core you are perfect! Your work is to simply uncover and let go of anything that has blocked you from seeing your worth. 

I would be honored to share your journey with you. My work is focused on bringing mind and body together through Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), breathwork, mindfulness and meditation. Through these modalities you will connect to and calm your nervous system. This creates a felt sense of safety in the body which allows you to view life through a different lens.

I look forward to meeting you. Until then, please remember, you are amazing!

Certifications: Certified Life Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Sacred Breath Academy Method, Polyvagal Theory

"I know what it feels like to see exactly where you want to be in life and not know how to get there."


Are you ready to transform your life?