Sam Mcconnell

Office Manager, Social Media & Marketing Director


I feel honored to be the first person that clients interact with when coming to Family Fusion. I enjoy holding a peaceful and warm space that is welcoming for clients. With a background in holistic wellness  alongside my personal belief to love all dimensions of yourself, I felt drawn to a community who held similar beliefs. I have a desire to share that holistic mindset with others and truly understand a deeper part of the transformation path to help support others on theirs.

Upon obtaining my yoga training certifications I learned about the Ahimsa Yama, which means plainly to not wish harm on any living creature through body or mind. I took a pledge within myself to practice this with forgiveness and compassion towards every beating heart; in turn I've learned what complete cosmic love is and began to attract others who hold this light themselves. Family Fusion is part of that cosmic love. I'm grateful to be a part of that.  I found a community of individuals who support and guide people to exactly where and who they want to be. I invite others to find who and where they want to be and Family Fusion is a great way to help them on their path.

Certifications: Holistic Nutrition / Prenatal & Kids Yoga /  Birth and Postpartum Doula Training / Toddler & Primary Montessori Certification/ Early Childhood Education Certification/ Entrepreneurial Business and Professional Communication Development / Liberal Arts 

 "Love all dimensions of yourself"

-Sam Mcconnell

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