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“I am a business executive who hit a wall in life.  Always full of energy, I suddenly was without motivation and struggling.  Family Fusion helped me break through the dark and difficult days to find light and new energy.  I am so grateful for all that I learned and the tools that I learned in self-care, managing major life shifts and implementing individual human progress.”

– Leslie

“When I found Family Fusion, I found a safe haven.  A place where I was able to work through the muck that I buried and in turn create a beautiful and honest life for myself.  I am truly me and I know where I stand.  Family Fusion has helped me see my worth and work towards my best self. How different and better my life is now… and I thank Family Fusion, Cami, and all the wonderful facilitators!”

– Jen

“I’ll forever be grateful for Family Fusion for teaching me the tools needed to live a full and balanced life.  Family Fusion helped me on my journey of healing.  Because of Family Fusion, I found me again.”

– Amber

“Coming to Family Fusion has built up a part of me that I did not know existed.  Before I came to Family Fusion, I wasn’t sure I knew what intuition meant and always thought it was something that other people had. After spending some time at Family Fusion through one-on-one life coaching sessions and taking some of the workshops offered, my sense of intuition has grown so much.  Even the word intuition does not capture how powerful my inner knowing has built up during the time I have spent at Family Fusion. With my newfound gift, I have had the confidence to go after and achieve some of my long-term goals and push through fears with more ease.  I don’t feel like it could have been possible without the help of Family Fusion!”

– Ashley

“Family Fusion is an incredible place that has made me grow so much as a father, husband, and human being. Life-coaching has pushed me to be more intentional with my decisions and help me understand myself so much better. Family Fusion has been a great place to explore the person that I want to be and leave behind what no longer serves me.”

– Robert

“Working with Cami was a life changing experience. She has amazing intuition and is able to see, hear, and feel what a client needs beyond what they are able to communicate. It is truly one of her gifts. I have been able to achieve so many of my goals and work toward others that I thought were out of my reach. She showed me how to find the tools I needed to move the obstacles and barriers that were in my way and she helped me discover the strength within myself to believe that I could chose a different path than the one I was on. I am so thankful for her encouragement and support.”

– Nancy



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