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Taran Emmert

Music and Fine Arts Guide


For the last 10 years I have studied  everything holistic I could yet my hands on. Massage therapy, energy work, yoga, meditation, sound healing, art therapy, herbalism, and many other modalities with an emphasis on mind body connection. My love for the healing arts naturally combined with my passion for the fine arts… especially music and art. For over 10 years I have studied and applied my learnings on how sound and music effect the body, as well as how the creative process can heal old woulds and empower new expressions. Many people are disconnected from their innate ability to create music and art. The pressure of perfectionism and performance stops people from creating before they even give it a chance. It is my mission to connect people to their natural God given gifts by allowing them a safe space to explore them. 


What does a session look like?


Music Coaching (2-3 sessions recommended but not required)

Music sessions are centered around connecting you with your innate ability to express and feel inspired through sound and music. We will move through an eastern to western approach. We will spend time reconnecting to your inner voice through toning, singing, and healing instruments such as gong and singing bowls. We will then learn how to use existing songs to rewrite lyrics to express inner truths and provide healing empowerment, or create a song together from scratch. This may sound intimidating but I will be there supporting you every step of the way. With a little bit of direction you will be astonished jut how capable you are as an inherent maker of music!


Art Coaching (2-3 sessions recommended but not required)

Art sessions are centered around tapping into your inner artist. We are all naturally creators and sometimes just need a gentle reminder of these gifts! Through drawing, painting and or clay you will learn how to use art to process emotions, trauma, and remove blocks around being a creator. The creative process is often stifled by self doubt or judgement. Through therapeutic art you will move past these blocks and into a space of creative empowerment that will show up not only through art, but in every aspect of your life. 


*All sessions are customized to your skill and comfort level. You need no experience in any of these categories to enjoy the benefits. 


Feel intimidate? Good! Allow these modalities to coax you out of your comfort zone, beyond fear or limiting beliefs. I promise you will come out on the other side feeling connected and empowered!

“In the busy world we live in, stillness and mindfulness are harder and harder to find. Through music and
sound, we give our bodies a chance to soften, surrender, and revitalize”

-Taran Emmert

Are you ready to transform your life?