1. Make a large square on your bedroom wall out of blue or green tape (so it won’t pull off the paint).

2. Put your vision board visually out in the open. Not behind a door or hidden somewhere.

3. Create 9 areas of your life that inspire you or call you to express your dreams & visions.

4. Write them down on 3 x 5 cards, one vision per card. Be specific in what you want.

5. Write bold with black marker; tape it on with the blue tape inside a square.

6. You can put a picture in with the card also (ex. Car, vacation, appliance, etc.)

7. Stand in front of your vision board daily, 2-3 times or more a day, & read it out loud with your arms open to receive it. Say it aloud in a normal voice, intense voice, & reverent voice.

8. Let God or your higher power know what you want & keep your heart open to what God or your higher power has for you.

9. Stay connected to your Spirit Self and listen to & know what it is saying to you.

10. Share with others what is on your vision board. Other people represent resources & money. There are people looking for help & asking who they can help. Be open to what others may bring your way.


11. Be accepting & grateful.


12. When you receive something on your vision board, thank God or your higher power & others. Thank the card & take it and & picture off the board & replace it with a new one.


13. Get a three-ring notebook with pages or clear sleeves in it. When you take things off your board, put them in the notebook. This allows you to see how your vision board is working for you. Keep this as evidence to yourself that the process works.

Are you ready to transform your life?