Throughout life we have experiences that cloud our intuitive nature.  Yet the ‘healers’ remain the same.  They are the people and the experiences in our life that offer safety and growth and these are usually places and people that we are intuitively drawn to.  It may feel like we just notice an organization or a person but these are often signs from the divine, pulling us towards what we need in order to move through obstacles.  Obstacles cause us to stop, look and listen…pay attention to what is happening.  Here at Family Fusion, we trust in the journey of life and it’s many ways to teach us as individuals where we need to grow most.  If we quit with the complacency and status quo and turn our attention to what is speaking to us, this is where the true healing can begin. We are all humans, we are all derivatives of a source that is more powerful than we are and that power is where we plug in to find our design, our path, our healing, and our ultimate purpose.

The source of all light is alive in art, in music, in writing, in our gifts and in each of our souls. We believe that you have an inner potential and we are here to show you how to navigate the endless possibilities the universe has to offer.  Our family is ready to support and guide you to exactly where you want to be and who you want to be!  We provide a safe environment that is welcoming to people of all faiths, nationalities, and sexual orientations. Family Fusion is your community, your home, but better.  We believe in your empowerment.  We believe in nurturing your intuition.  We believe you have the right to choose your own path. We believe in you. What are you waiting for?  Purposeful transformation awaits.



You can feel at ease knowing that all of our life coaches are certified through an extensive life coaching curriculum.  Not only will our coaches utilize their educational knowledge, but they are also able to use their life experience and intuitive capabilities to help you live your best life!
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Sometimes life happens to us and choice seems limited, feels limited….the truth is we are the Master of our own fates and sometimes need the support, love and insight to tap into the birth of our own power. family fusion is like home. We have created an environment that is safe, knowledgeable, and loving. We will provide our clients a place to roam free into the discovery of their own divinity and rise above the challenges to become the victor of their personal battles.



We believe that your life was designed to help you achieve your highest potential. We see challenges, as difficult as they may seem, as a way to help you grow and learn to be a more compassionate being. As society improves its approach to overall health, we see life-coaching as an innovative way to heal, encompassing all parts of you; mind, body and spirit. We know that you have a powerful potential inside of you that can transform any adversity into a tool to help you achieve your purpose in life. We are all about forward motion.  We help you figure out what is holding you back, and provide you with the skills needed to break through. Once you have cleared your path, we will help you identify your goals, and help you make the steps towards achieving them.

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